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What is my cherished number plate worth?

Valuing cherished number plates is a tricky business. Cherished number plates are all unique and have different meaning to different potential buyers.

In addition to this the "quality" of the private plate- whether it reads a word or is short and dateless number plate play a large part. Generally the shorter the private number plate the higher the price- number 1 plates are the best example of this at work.

Word or name personalised number plates- superb examples such as DAV1D can fetch big money- hundreds of thousands of pounds; but even a prefix style number plates such as D4VYD or a similar "look a like" personal plates would have an increased value as an alternative number where DAV1D cannot be obtained or afforded.

Irish number plates with the exception of VIP1 and BIG1 tend to be the cheapest car registration number plates- often used as "cover" plates to cover the age of a vehicle.

The number plate market- much like the housing market- largely dictates prices- with previous car registration number plate sales giving an indication of market sentiment and the potential value of similar registration plates.

Selling personal number plates is all about finding the right buyer- H4GRO could have little or no value to most but if your surname of first name is HAGRO then suddenly the potential value of this cherished plate is increased- it's all about meaning and relevance.

When trying to decide what your personalised number plate is worth- you need to consider the following:

  • What is the meaning / significance of plate?
  • Does it spell a word?
  • Is it a short + neat combination?

To obtain a current market appraisal of your number plate - please visit the smashing-plates website.

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