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Number plate for sale

If you have a personalised number plate for sale then there are a wealth of places for you to advertise. From the cherished number plates section in EBay, to newspaper classifieds to Top Marques and of course the personalised number plate dealers- depending on the quality of your private plate, how quickly you want to sell it and whether you need help to sell your private plate- there are some decisions to make.

I don't really want to get involved with selling my private number plate- I just want it gone!

If you really don't have the time or inclination to become involved with the nuances of buying and selling personal number plates then we would suggest using a registration number plate dealer. Number plate dealers operate in a similar way to an estate agency- advertising your cherished number plate for sale on your behalf in return for a commission on the final sale.

Number plate dealers conduct the cherished number plate transfer and attend to the paperwork and settling funds- Although not terribly difficult to do- such tasks can be a pain and so cherished number plate dealers cater with a fully fledged service.

I don't mind getting involved with selling my cherished number plate

Classified websites cater as with most markets to those who wish to sell their car number plate and don't mind transacting the whole transfer. is a trading name of Smashing Plates Ltd- the owners of this website. The first and leading classifieds website for personalised number plates- it offers keyword searching and a whole host of private number plate specific features. Websites such as EBay or the classifieds in newspapers offer access to a wide audience- but charge for relisting adverts- a cost which can mount up- Smashing Plates don't charge for relisting.

I want to sell my registration number plate quickly

If you want to sell your private number plate quickly then it's worth approaching cherished number plate dealers directly as many of them purchase car number plates of a certain quality for their own stock. You may not get the best price but you could get a very quick number plate sale.

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