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Noel Woodall Noel Woodall

Noel Woodall coined the phrase Autonumerology in 1964 to put a name to his interest in car registrations, thus making him the world's first Autonumerologist.

In the past 40 years , he has remained fascinated by personal number plates and is recognised as an authority on the subject.

Noel's interest in private number plates began in 1962 - he saw a car with the registration plate BB 4 in his home town of Blackpool.

It captured Noel's imagination and he immediately questioned who owned the car? He started asking around and his tenacity paid off when he discovered that a local bookmaker owned it.

With this new found interest Noel began to research the subject but found no available books- he compiled together his own findings and published Car Numbers Galaxy

It contained a fascinating list of car registrations, the cars they were on, and who owned them at the time. Noel did his homework and included in the book's forward a brief history of car registrations from 1903 on, plus a whole page on the history of A 1 .

The book also contained an index of registration letters and where the cars bearing them were first registered in the UK. The MP, Gerald Nabarro was featured heavily in this first issue as he owned NAB 1 through to NAB 5 (he eventually owned NAB 6 through to 10 as well). Other well-known registrations and their celebrity owners featured were, Arthur Askey (AA 10), Norman Wisdom (NW 4), George Formby ( GF 1 and GF 2 ) and Harry Secombe ( HS 92 ).

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